How To Properly Clean Aluminum Diamond Plate

Often referred to as tread plate, aluminum diamond plate comes from the diamond-shaped lines that cover its surface. Many businesses buy aluminum diamond plate in Burlington County, NJ and the surrounding areas due to its durability and resistance to slipping and corrosion. In order to preserve your diamond plate’s shiny appearance you should clean it […]

The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Stainless Steel

When stainless steel was initially discovered in the early 1900’s, it was known originally as “rustless steel,” for the obvious reason that it did not seem to rust. Indeed, being an alloy of iron, chromium, nickel, and other elements, stainless steel possesses a host of unique properties that make it highly useful in a variety […]

Low-Cost Ways to Keep Galvanized Steel Extra Clean

One of the most important advantages of galvanized steel is that it is fiercely resistant to rust. As we talked about in our previous post, galvanized steel goes through a special process of surface preparation and immersion in molten zinc, making it so durable it can last up to 50 years. However, some mistakenly think […]

The Process of Galvanizing Steel: How It Works

Galvanized steel is used in just about every industry and every application, from computer casings to playground equipment, and from cars and aircraft to street furniture. At Sherwood Steel, we understand that it needs to be strong and durable. And considering its ubiquity, there’s no surprise that the process of galvanizing steel is meticulous and […]

How HVAC Professionals Benefit with Sherwood Steel

It’s approaching that time of year when business and homeowners begin transitioning their focus from heating to air conditioning. As you know, it’s imperative to provide customers with the best products available for optimal satisfaction. Making sure ductwork is connecting and hanging correctly is a significant component of the functionality of the system. At Sherwood […]

What is Diamond Plate Aluminum, and What Is It Used For?

The newest addition to Sherwood Steel’s inventory is diamond plate aluminum — the perfect material for any industrial job site application. Looking to keep your workers safe on the job? Diamond plate aluminum can be an excellent, durable option to reduce slips and falls throughout your job site. Diamond plate, also referred to as checker […]

Four Reasons to Choose Sherwood Steel

Sherwood Steel is the one-stop shop for all of your metal needs. From galvanized metal sheets and coils to stainless steel and aluminum, we provide customers with quality products at competitive prices. Here are four reasons to choose Sherwood Steel for your metal needs. Family-owned and operated. For 21 years, our company has proudly been […]