How HVAC Professionals Benefit with Sherwood Steel

It’s approaching that time of year when business and homeowners begin transitioning their focus from heating to air conditioning. As you know, it’s imperative to provide customers with the best products available for optimal satisfaction. Making sure ductwork is connecting and hanging correctly is a significant component of the functionality of the system.

At Sherwood Steel, we offer materials that meet the needs of professionals across a multitude of industries. But one set of professionals we serve the most are those in the HVAC industry. We realize that the world of HVAC is not one-size-fits-all, which is why we take our quality materials and turn them into customizable pieces, perfect for your next project.

Custom Slips and Drives

Slips and drives are essential pieces of an HVAC system. While slips are responsible for connecting the ductwork, drives are needed for the ductwork to hang properly. Since every job is unique, we create custom slips and drives for our customers at Sherwood Steel.

Custom Work

We purchase large volumes of metal sheets and coils that we level and shear according to the specifications of your project. We know that standardly sized materials don’t always fit when installing HVAC systems. Many times contractors need custom 24×96 material, which we can provide. From buying aluminum sheet metal in Philadelphia to purchasing galvanized sheets and coils in Bucks County, Sherwood Steel is prepared to help.

HVAC Accessories

We keep a regular stock of HVAC accessories in our 30,000 sq ft warehouse.

8’ & 10’ Drives 8’ & 10’ Slips
10’ Standing “S” 17” x 32” Panning
8’ Return Air Frame 1” Hanger Strap
Plasma Slats Flexible Duct Connectors

All of the products we carry can be custom leveled and sheared.

One-Stop Shop

We make it easy for you to get what you need to complete your project. Have your HVAC products and accessories delivered within 1-2 business days or for those last-minute projects, utilize our pick-up capabilities at our facility in Bensalem, PA. Questions about our slips and drives and aluminum sheets for sale right outside of Philadelphia? Call us today at 215-946-4600 and speak to one of our knowledgeable professionals!