In 2010, Sherwood Steel bought a cut-to-length line. It transformed our company overnight. We now purchase large coils and cut our own sheets. Not only did this make us able to price our material at a more competitive rate, but now we can help our customers reduce waste by offering custom lengths. Our coil line has a max width of 60” with a minimum width of 2.5”.


Here at Sherwood Steel, we have two ¼” shears, allowing us to cut material to any dimensions you may need. Feel free to call and order any size and quantity. We are dedicated to doing anything we can to help you get the job done.


Acquiring our Press Break in 2012 opened up a ton of new opportunities. We now bend custom angles, U-channels, and Z-channels for numerous industries including roofing and HVAC. Our 10’ break is capable of bending up to 3/8” thick steel.