The Press Brake: What It Does And How It Benefits You

Since ancient times, steel has been coexisting with mankind. Some artifacts excavated in Turkey have proved to be as old as 4,000 years, and all kinds of civilizations relied on the material for constructing weaponry.

In modern times, one simply needs to look around to see the ubiquity of this durable material. It’s used everywhere, from major construction like skyscrapers, railways, roads, and stadiums as well as smaller products like nails, bolts, and screws. In fact, it’s one of the world’s most widely-used construction materials, second only to concrete.

A Versatile Material

At Sherwood Steel, the Bucks County area’s metal supply company, we understand the versatility of this material makes it perfect for a multitude of uses and undertakings. And we want you to have options and provide you with solutions for all your building projects.

That’s why we acquired our press brake, to open up a literal ton of opportunities for shaping metal and using it to your advantage. With it, we can bend custom angles, U-channels, and Z-channels for numerous industries including roofing and HVAC.

Taking Shape

A hydraulic press brake gives you options when trying to give shape to a metal sheet. It accomplishes this by bending steel and other materials at various angles to create different structures.

It works by first slotting a metal sheet into the machine. Once inserted, a ram presses on the metal until it bends in place. For sheet metal, the press brake offers many options and can be adjusted to create a variety of bends and angles.

Since it’s computerized, the hydraulic machine controls can ensure the precision and accuracy to allow an exact fit for many applications. This way, we can make sure it meets the specifications for any project you need to complete.

Better Than Welding

In many instances, it’s preferable to bend a piece of metal into shape rather than welding two or more pieces together. Not only is welding time-consuming, but it doesn’t provide the same structural integrity as a single bent piece of metal.

At Sherwood Steel, we want your project to be completed safely and properly. We are committed to providing high-quality sheet metal for sale in the Philadelphia area.

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